The ACT government is touting its tramline as an

And whether it be a Bob Hawke, whether it be a John Howard, these are really, really tremendous people.” Mr Richardson counts himself lucky to have had good bosses, and says the change he saw in the public service was overwhelmingly for the good. “I worked with very good people and I had a supportive family. If you put all of that together, it works out.” MORE PUBLIC SERVICE NEWS: What Mr Richardson never told prime minister John Howard was that, at times as ambassador to the US, he would done the job for free.

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canada goose uk shop He was just a great man. [I consider him] right on top [as the greatest Bruin] along with Bobby [Orr]; to me, they’d be the two favorites. Milt was my first coach, my first GM. Asked for details of any representations from or consultation with property owners, the spokeswoman did not provide detail but said, “A number of organisations, landowners and peak bodies representing landowners were involved [in 2017 consultation] and made formal submissions.” She added, “In its ordinary business activities, Transport Canberra has fielded enquiries and met individuals and organisations in many different settings.” Asked whether the government had given any consideration to the question of who owned land on the stage two route, she said the government had considered “ownership and nature of land ownership in the corridor for the purposes of precinct planning and consultation” but the focus had been on a route that worked for public transport and for the community. The ACT government is touting its tramline as an “urban renewal land use solution”, designed to boost development. It is still trying to argue its preferred route through the federal government. canada goose uk shop

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