‘We believe it is more economical to make good quality products than to make a bad quality product and provide field service.’

  • Hot Rolling Mill

    Hot rolling is a metalworking process that occurs above the re-rystalization temperature of the material. During the process the material is rolled through a number of passes to form the desired shape The starting material is usually large pieces of metal, like semi-finished casting products, such as slabs, blooms, and billets.

    Hot Rolling Mill Products

    Capacity100000 to 500000 Ton per annum
    Automatic GradeAutomatic, Semi-Automatic

    We also provide complete turnkey rolling mill solutions from designing, manufacturing, mill commissioning to our clients since 30 years. We have been leading the rolling mill industry and moving forward with our aim of continuous improvement and setting benchmark in the steel industry.

    We plan and design the mill by keeping the customers requirement as the focus and also insuring future expansion possibilities. Nav bharat is leading the rolling mill industry and winning trust worldwide.

Flying Shears

The Flying is Shear placed between the Quenching Box and the Cooling Bed.

To cut the T.M.T. Bar at a temperature of 500oC and above to the required lengths.


  • The 1000 mm CRS (adding to the manufactures cost because with 1000 mm centres the depth of the shear also has to be increased leading to increased dia gears, shaft lengths, casing weight) instead of 800 or 850 CRS so as to reduce the base rpm of the drives Motor. Since it is a start stop shear the motor shall have to accelerate to lower (base) rpm hereby reducing power consumption on recurring basis and generate payback.
  • The casing is prestressed to prevent seperating of casing parting surfaces on load during the milli seconds when the cut is executed.
  • The cutter ends are involute profiled at ends. The cutters engage before the bar touches the cutting edge, eliminating possibility of erroneous blade over lap.
  • We provide an optional arrangement of Flywheel with mechanical clutch. The flywheel is engages for cutting above 20 mm bar size. The flywheel inertia augments the lower power available from constant torque motor running at low rpm to match thicker bar rolling speed.
  • The casing front end and pinch roll cantilever shaft is water cooled to avoid distortion with heating.
  • The gears are case carburised hardened & ground designed for minimum back lash. Again the gears and knife holders are designed for minimum intertia.

Cold Shears

Cold shears  arranged in the cooling bed after the output raceway, the cooling bed cooling and arranged in groups of rolling cut. With the ruler with the machine, can be cut into the customer required length of cut length.

Cold shearing machine by the cold shear body (body, clutch, brake, flywheel, pressure device, aligning baffle, brake fan), finishing device, dry petrol station and dry oil lubrication system, thin oil self-lubricating system, pneumatic control system , Hydraulic devices, cutting edge replacement devices, motors, electronic control systems and instrumentation on the part of the machine.

Working by the motor through the belt (with shield) to drive flywheel high-speed rotation between the flywheel and high-speed shaft through the pneumatic clutch control separation and integration. When the flywheel and high-speed shaft, the high-speed shaft by two deceleration to drive the spindle rotation. The main shaft is an eccentric shaft, and its eccentric part drives the link slider to move up and down. The upper cutting edge is mounted on the slider to complete the cutting action.

 In the high-speed shaft on the opposite side with the pneumatic clutch installed pneumatic brake, when the cold shear to complete the shear action, the clutch is separated from the role of the brake to brake the spindle, the cutting edge to stop.

Crank Shears


The Crank Shear is placed between the Roughing train & the Intermediate train.


  • To cut front/back end & Cobble cutting of the square at a temperature of 900 deg C and above.


The square shaped cobble cutting is saleable material to be rolled in scrap rolling mills.


  • The casing is prestressed to prevent seperating of casing parting surfaces on load during the milli seconds when the cut is executed.
  • The cutter ends protrude, so as to have increased blade grinding margin
  • We provide two nos. Flywheels with mechanical clutch. The additional flywheel has to be engaged for cutting heavier section. The flywheel inertia augments the power available for cutting from constant torque motor.
  • The casing front face is water cooled to avoid distortion with heating from moving rolled stock.
  • The gears are case carburised hardened & ground designed for minimum back lash. Again the gears and knife holders are designed for required intertia.

Quenching Boxes

We are engaged in offering supreme quality Quenching BoxesTMT Box that is widely installed in rolling mills and metal industry. The system is initially set by fitting the opening of the nozzles and position of the motorized valve. Our offered TMT system is of multiple injector type. Our company develops high grade quenching boxes that clean the surface through the process of scrubbing. The process begins by positioning the motorized valve and fitting the opening of the nozzles. The quenching box allows the multiple entry of fresh water at regular time duration that saves the time of quenching process. We have incorporated high grade TMT system with the bar. Our quenching box has consistency of tensile strength, ability to cut bars accurately.

Twin Channel

The twin channel offers solution to bar handling at cooling bed at high speeds. Twin channels are available for bar sizes up to 40mm in India and stock speeds as high as 30meters per second. This carries the bar in a closed channel until the material comes to a standstill position and discharges it to the bed below automatically.

This is an excellent system as it carries the bar in a closed channel, minimizing the accident hazards. Specifically while carrying out high speed rolling the system is an absolute necessity.


Mill Stands

Our Rolling Mill Stands are manufactured on the basis of technically best designs. Our mill stands are manufactured on world class machinery. Our team is headed by our director who is well known for his technical knowledge and experience which is reflected in the work we do Our mill stands are well known because of their performance and long life. Our company is very keen on our the quality , our mill stands go through quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.


  • Increases driveline
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Achieve more efficiency
  • Lifter moves up to align the core with the chucks
  • Corrosion free
  • Weather proof
  • Cost effective operation
  • Boosts bearing performance higher reliability


  • Rolling mill industry
  • Steel industry

Cold Rolling Mills

Cold rolling occurs with the metal below its recrystallization temperature (usually at room temperature), which increases the strength via strain hardening up to 20%. It also improves the surface finish and holds tighter tolerances. Commonly cold-rolled products include sheets, strips, bars, and rods; these products are usually smaller than the same products that are hot rolled.


Because of the smaller size of the workpieces and their greater strength, as compared to hot rolled stock, four-high or cluster
mills are used. Cold rolling cannot reduce the thickness of a workpiece as much as hot rolling in a single pass

Gear Couplings

Our company provides supreme quality Gear Couplings that are widely installed in metal industry and automotive industry. The gear coupling is construed from genuine stainless steel metal, which is corrosion free and provides robustness to the equipment. It primarily provides connection between two shafts, which are together, attending the purpose of transmitting power. These gear coupling are rigid as well as flexible, which comprises of two hubs with an external gear and two outer sleeves with an internal gear. Our gear coupling is universal and is compatible for angular, offset and combined as well as large axial moments.


  • The hubs are completely machined from EN-8/EN-9 material forged, annealed and heat treated from 235-265 BHN
  • The Casings are made out of EN-8/EN-9 forgings material up to 107 and Cast IS-1030 Gr 23/45, heat treated from 235-265 BHN above 107
  • The teeth cutting are done maintaining D.O.P /SPAN for required sliding tolerances. All parts are completely interchangeable

Industrial Gear Box

As you must be already knowing Nav Bharat group as the leading manufacturer of quality Industrial Gears.
Our plant is equipped with the latest machinery like Hofler gear grinder, Mazak vtl, Mazak Hmc .

We are manufacturing gearboxes from last 30 years and our gearboxes come among the best in india .

Punching Cropping Machine

We are engaged in developing supreme quality Punching Cropping Machine that is widely installed in steel& metal industry and engineering industry. It is primarily used for cropping and punching metal into sheets.

The metals go through rollers and are pressed to thin sheets as per the specifications of the clients. The machine is built using advanced technology and method of production, which enhances the productivity and consumes lesser time. Our machine is further stringently tested under the supervision of experienced professionals. It is further corrosion free and can handle harsh environment.  Furthermore, our respected clients can purchase these Durable Punching Cropping Machines from us at competitive prices.

Hot Saw

The Hot Saw is placed before the cooling bed to cut the rolled sections to the required lengths. One no Fixed Hot saw is placed before the cooling bed to cut the front end of the sections Traveling Hot saw is placed at a distance from the Fixed Saw. The distance can be adjusted equal to the travel of the Hot saw along the axis of rolling. Number of traveling Hot saw required depends on the length of the rolled section & the number of cuts required along the length of the section.

The rolled section is gripped on the run out roller table.

The Hot saw Blade of the Fixed & traveling Saw, plunges at right angle to the rolling axis cutting the section at the front end as well as at the required lengths by Traveling hot saw After cutting the grip is released and the cut section is delivered on the cooling bed. Advantage : Because of the sliding type saw, heavier sections can be cut with better straightness compared to pendulum type saw.

Automatic Cooling Bed

Holding vast & rich experience in this industry, our company is considered as one of the renowned manufacturers and exporters of Automatic Cooling Bed. These cooling beds are used for cooling the material as well as cross transfer towards the discharge end. Our offered range of cooling beds is tested by our aced manpower to ensure their excellent resistance to corrosion, longer working life and sturdy structure. Available at reasonable prices in the market; Automatic Cooling Bed is manufactured as per the set industrial norms and standards.

Further Details

Systems having Twin channel bar operates hydraulically
Equipped with speed control mechanism and AC Drive operated rack for suiting different rolling speed and having proper cooling
Cast iron built static grids
Rake profile are designed and linked to close tolerance, racks moves through eccentric cam mechanism based on the drive shaft.
For having excellent speed of drive, best quality gear box should be used
With the aid of proper control system, proper harmonization of different section of the cooling bed is made
Bar cut previously to the decided length give designing layout of Rack type cooling bed
1. To slow them down

2. For transporting them crosswise over a cooling surface

3. Engineering designs of offered products ensure that bars rolled in a wide range of lengths

Housingless Mill Stand

We are offering premium quality Housingless Mill Stands that are widely known for their durability and optimum performance. The offered products are manufactured using the best quality raw material and the most advanced techniques by our skilled professionals in complete compliance with the industry quality standards. The offered stands can be vertically or horizontally mounted for flexible use in H/V mills. Clients can avail the entire range from us .


  • Sturdiness
  • Optimum quality
  • Rust resistant
  • cost effective
  • easy roll changing option 
  • ensures less machine stoppage time 

Gear Grinding Service

  • For job work of gears on CNC Hofler contact us, we believe that customer is the sole purpose of every company’s existence.
  • We are the only company in northern india offering job work on the prestigious german machine hofler of model rapid 1250 xlk .
  • All our operators are highly skilled and work under the guidance of engineers .
  • We are capable of achieving din2 quality, we grind gears on hofler profile grinder.

Tying Machine

We manufacture simple binding machine using random bars of 8 & 10 mm TMT bars.
The Bars are placed on the hydraulically operated wrap, The foot pedal operated wrap
Forms the bundle & wraps the bar around the bundle, raising the ends of the bar vertical Above the
bundle. Hydraulically operated twinsting Ram lowers, & twists the bars to make it a tight bundle.
The wrapping & twisting is done at five locations on a two ton master bundle.
One operator & One machine is able to do easily twenty five bundles in an hour.