Clients Hot Cold Sheet





Recoiler/Uncoiler assembly complete- 2sets each for
Bright annealing line and Pull through line for Blade Steel
Max coil width 450 mm, thickness 0.7mm, 35MPM speed
The assemblies were complete with shifting base, snubber
assembly, Paper winder/unwinder
Tension Reel for Annealing/Pickling line, 1500mm wide,
expanded dia 508-1No, 610-1No,
Breaker Roll Assembly for ST-1- 1 No.
Winch Drum Complete - 2 Nos.
Complete drives of 2 Nos. 4 hi. Mill comprising of Main
Mill Drive Gear Box BH-1400, 1400 crs 250 KW 1:20 rato
750 rpm-2 Nos., Pinion Stand 675 mm crs 2 hi., 37.5 rpm
Backup roll drive, coiler drive, Gear Box HA-1350 crs
95 KW 1:26 ratio, 500 rpm- 2 Nos.
Main Mill Drive Gear Box BH-1050 mm crs, 100 KW 1:24
ratio, 750 rpm-1 No., Pinion Stand 675 mm crs, backup
roll drive, Coiler drive Gear Box HC-1000 mm crs, to roll
Martensitic Stainless Steel, 37 KW 1:31.5 ratio 500
rpm-2 Nos.
***Uncoiler along with Snubber Rolls Assly, Pusher Plate
Arrangement, paper Unwinder for PTF-1 - 1 No.
***Recoiler along with Snubber Rolls Assly, Pusher Plate
Arrangement, paper Winder for PTF-1 - 1 No.
M/s. Jindal Strips Ltd. (Special Steel Cold
Rolling Div.) Hisar.
Reduction Gear Box 550 hp 12.5:1ratio 2 Nos., for Coiler,
One Input Four Output Gear Box 500 hp 1:2.5 ratio for
drive of first Intermediate rolls 20 hi. Mill of Cold Sheet
Rolling Mills.
M/s. Swastik Foils Ltd., NEW DELHI
BH-1400, 1400 mm Centres, 250 KW 14:1, 615 rpm and
BH-1120, 1120 crs 150 KW 14:1, 615 rpm Gear Boxes
for rewinding lines.
M/s. Jindal Strips Ltd., Vasind,
Distt: Thane.
Three Speed Recoiler Gear Box for slitting line, Turn Stile,
Coil Cars-5 Nos., Payoff Reel 400mm wide sheet-1 No.,
Work Roll Chocks, One Input Six Output Gear Box for
Pinch Roll CumLeveller-2 Nos., 20 hp 1:83 Gear Box
HB-900, 900 mm crs for Coiler drive of Sheet Grinding
Machine, One Inputtwo output 40:1 Gear Box BH-450 for
Pinch Roll Drive.
M/s. Asil Inds. Ltd., Jaipur.
BH-1400, 1400 mm Centres 500 hp 8:1 ratio 600 rpm
Gear Boxes-2 Nos., for Furnace Coiler One Input Double
Output Reduction Cum Pinion Stand 300 hp 1500 rpm 1:3
ratio, Gear Boxes for Pinch Roll before stekel Mill.
M/s. Jindal Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Vasind
Distt: Thane.
2 Nos. Pinch Rolls before Stekel Mill, Speed Sensing
Pinch Roll, 33 Nos., HA-125 Gear Boxes, 35 hp, 903 crs
Gear Boxes-3 Nos., for combined drive of roller tables,
One Input three output Descaler Gear Box, Down
Coiler Gear Box.
M/s. Rathi Alloys & Steels Ltd.,
HA-711.2, 711 Centres Gear Box 1000 hp, 680 rpm,
ratio-2 Nos., for Furnace Coiler Drive, Wobbler heads
for Voith Universal Spindles.
M/s, Lloyds Steel Inds. Ltd., Wardha
HC-1400, 215 hp, 28:1 ratio-2 Nos., Coiler Drive
Gear Boxes.
M/s. Hisar Metal Inds. Ltd., Hisar.
Internals for BH-1205, 1205 crs Coiler Drive Gear Box of
M-II Mill, 1000 KW, 205 input rpm, 5.2:1 ratio, Internals
for 1000 KW, 1.55:1 & 1:1.15, Internals for SCN-710 (710
mm crs 1000 KW, 10.5:1, Coiler Drive gear box for M-I
Mill. (Note: Both M-I & M-II Mill Coilers have first a two
speed Gear Box then a fixed ratio gear box)
M/s. Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd.,
Double Input Single Output gear Box, driven by Two
Electrically synchronised DC motors total 1000 HP
with Pinion Stand 305mm CRS for work roll drive
Mill Drive Gear Box 2 HA-1260 (2 Single Stages, Double
Helical) 800x2 hp - 1 No.
M/S Karnatka Strips Ltd. Bellary
BH-950, (950 crs two stage), 150 KW, Recoiler Gear Box-
1 No., BH-900 (900 crs two stage) Uncoiler Gear Box
Box - 1 No., BH-950, Two Speed Recoiler Gear Box -1
BH-900, Two Speed Uncoiler Gear Box -1No.,
BH-740, Recoiler Gear Box - 1 No, BH-740 Uncoiler
Gear Box- 2 No., BH-900 (900 mm crs, two stage, Single
Helical) 150 hp Gear Box for Rewinding Line Drive - 1 No,
HA-250 (250 mm crs, Single stage, Single Helical), 30 hp
Gear for Slitter Drive-1 No., BH-800 (800 mm crs two stage
Two Speed) 65 KW Recoiler & Uncoiler- 2 Nos.,
***BH-900 (900 mm crs,Two Stage) 900 KW Uncoiler Gear
Box - 1 No., BH-950 (950 mm crs, two stage), 119 KW
Recoiler Gear Box- 1 No.
M/s. Mas Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi.
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