Mill Stand :

Our 2 hi, 4 hi and 6 hi stands are rugged in construction and precise in design. The mill housing are cast steel duly annealed to ensure total stability of dimensions. The roll bearings are of flood lubricated friction and/or antifriction type. The rolls are adjusted mechanically, hydraulically or hydraumechanically or electro mechanically both in vertical and axial direction.

Gear Boxes : are available in:-
  • One input, four output configuration for backup roll (of second row) drive in 20 hi. mill.
  • One input, two output for work roll drive.
  • Single output for coilers, uncoilers, recoilers.
  • One input, seven/five output for pinch roll cum levellers.
Mill Drive :

Gear boxes are essentially of double helical configuration with staggard bearing arrangement ensuring usage of heavier antifriction bearing in limited centers. (The pinions are of EN-24 hardened upto 300 BHN and gears are EN-19 rings hardened upto 280 BHN shrunk fitted onto C.I.centers.) Casings are steel fabricated duly stress relieved. These are heavily strenghthened with stiffners and equipped with reinforced bearings to takeup over hang load of coiler drums.
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