Helical Gear Boxes (Industrial) Sections :-
  • Toughened
  • Hardened & Ground
Comparison of hardened & ground gears with Toughened gear

Some salient Features Of Helical Gear Boxes (Industrial) are :

Casing: Cast Iron inoculated for grain refinement, for small and medium size units and of steel fabricated (By M.I.G. Welding) duty stress relieved for large size units. The stress zones are amply ribbed against distortions under dynamic load.

Gearings: Helical and spiral bevel gearing are provided with addendum correction based on latest scientific findings. Gears made of Chrome Nickel Molybdnum steel are integral or alloy steel rings shrink fitted onto cast iron or cast steel centres. The internals are heat treated upto 300 BHN for pinions and upto 260 BHN for gears prior to teeth cutting.

Shaft Extensions: Provided with long holes at ends and grooves under bearing seats for removal of Bearings & Couplings with S.K.F. hydraulic injection system. The Shaft ends are of "u6" tolerance for recommended shrink fitted couplers and to "n6" tolerance for key fitting.

LUBRICATION: Forced lubrication or scrapers are provided on both sides of gear for positive flow of oil into the the bearings in either direction of rotation.

COOLING : Unibuilt cooling coils or external heat exchangers are provided where required.

We can also supply hardened and ground gear boxes in our range.
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