400 mm CRS for 130X130X12 Angles


The Straightening Machine comprises of Total 9 Rolls, 5 Nos. Upper Rolls and 4 Nos. Lower Rolls arranged in staggard way. While the lower rolls are driven, the upper rolls are non driven rolls friction rotation with the moving stock. The upper rolls are capable of calibrated vertical adjustment through saw threaded screw rotated by worm and worm wheel and calibrated axial adjustment through spur gear train.


The lower rolls are driven by staggard gear train fitted in the frame ensuring unidirection rotation of all lower rolls. The reduction is provided by worm gear boxes upto SSM-25 and by helical gear box selected from our industrial gear box series for SSM-30 and above.

The worm gear boxes are of Radicon or Elecon Make.

The Helical Gear Boxes are with:

- EN-24 pinions integral or shells heat treated upto 300 BHN, shrink fitted onto EN-9 shafts prior to teeth cutting.
- EN-9 Gears integral or rings heat treated upto 270 BHN, shrink fitted onto cast iron centres prior to teeth cutting.


Is made of steel fabricated duly stress relieved in oil fired furnace. The chock guide ways of the frame are machined on borer in one setting with angle facing attachment, ensuring perfect alignment. The roll separating load is bourne by sturdy steel fabricated cap, heavily ribbed for strength.

Rolls :

Suitably shaped to exert pressure are made of EN-24 or HiCHiCr forged & hardened material. The total surface is ground finished to the required profiles.

Dust Proof :

The Chock guideways are provided with metallic telescopic covers. The cap is provided at the back sleeves.

Assembly/Dissembly :

The machine is designed for assembly/dissembly by pushing force. No hammering by steel hammers are required. The shaft holding tool, roll chuck nuts tightening tools, Axial adjusting handles are provided as standard accessories. Tool storage Almirah is inbuilt in the frame for storage of the tool kit and easy accessibility.

Safety :

Front Roll guards are provided for safety measures during operation. The guards are designed for easy opening/closing for Roll changing interlocking of the guards with the drive motor can be provided at extra cost. The running V Belts/rotating couplings are fully covered.

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